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How Does Sun Reflection Damage Paint and What Do You Do About It?

We already know about how the sun can be extremely dangerous to our skin especially when it’s summer or any day when the sun is blazing. Add that to the UV radiation from the sun’s rays, and you wouldn’t know what damage it can do.

UV and solar heat are already something that we need to protect ourselves and our home from. But, what happens when these two are reflected in the glass windows of your home?

The worst thing that could happen is that your home can be melted by your neighbor window. That is how extreme reflected sunlight and UV can get. Do you wonder why there are parts of your exterior paint that look dull and worn out? The best guess is that window reflection caused that. There are a lot of factors how sun reflection damage paint.

  • Sunlight accelerates paint deterioration.

Concrete paint is designed to be tough under different weather conditions and to last for several years. However, some factors make it age quickly such as extreme exposure to the sun. This causes dehydration to the paint, and you will ultimately see patches and flakes of paint on your home.

When this sun reflection damage paint on your house already exists, painting over it is not the answer. The new paint will only stand out but not in a good way.

  • UV light can damage the paint.

Aside from the solar heat, the UV radiation that comes along with it is also a factor that can largely damage the paint at home. The UV light from the sun can attack the binders or the emulsifiers of the paint. It is the element that holds that ingredients of the paint together and when it is exposed to extreme UV radiation, the paint will start to fall apart.

The paint pigments are usually the first thing that the UV light damages and it will clearly show on dark colored paints.

However, the paint damage by solar reflections can be avoided if you take the necessary steps to reduce window reflection.

One of the best ways to protect your home from sun reflection damage paint is by eliminating the reflective surface of your glass windows. Using a solar film on windows is an excellent treatment on how to prevent reflection windows and prevent the solar and UV light damages on your paint. Turf Guard Window Film can help you with all your solar film needs and more.

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