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How Does Sun Reflection Kill Artificial Grass

People choose artificial grass as it improves the overall appearance of a garden. Because it’s synthetic, it will give you a healthy-looking lawn no matter what the season is. Furthermore, it requires little to no maintenance. This is ideal especially if you don’t have time to maintain the grass.

Though your artificial turf looks healthy, it doesn’t mean that nothing will go wrong with it. In this post, you will learn how the sun reflection kills your grass. Additionally, we will give you ways on how to prevent such problems.

Sun Reflection – The Leading Enemy of Grass

We all know how important sunlight is for growing plants. We also know that too much sun exposure also could kill the grass.

The same thing happens for your artificial grass. Lawn, particularly the synthetic ones, has a melting point. It could reach 175o to 200oF, depending on the materials used for making the turf. If the temperature exceeds that limit, the grass will shrink and disintegrate. In other words, it will kill your lawn.

This occurs when the sunlight hits any reflective surface like a glass window. It magnifies and concentrates the heat and light to the artificial lawn, which kills it. Unfortunately, we cannot control this problem, but we can prevent this damage from happening.

How to Keep Your Turf Green All Year

There are several ways to avoid the sun from killing your artificial grass. First, you need to keep your lawn hydrated. Many people think that this turf doesn’t need water as it is made of synthetic fibers. If it requires irrigation, the only time you have to pour water on it is when you have to clean it.

But synthetic grass also needs to be hydrated as it will keep its normal temperature. However, you should expect that your water bills will increase because you need to irrigate the field every 30 minutes.

If you want to save money on your water consumption, you may plant trees. These plants will serve as a cover to your artificial grass. Moreover, they produce fresh, clean air, which stabilizes the temperature of your garden. However, it would take years before you could use it as a cover. Thus, you need to find a solution that will keep the heat at bay, especially during summer.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly and immediate solution, the best choice would be clear window perf. These products do not only provide privacy and reduce energy consumption; they also protect your synthetic turf. It has an anti-glare feature that refracts the light off, which reduces the risk of killing the grass.

Moreover, it doesn’t compromise the clarity of your glass window. You can still see the outside view without a problem because of its clear shade.

There are many window perf products out there. They all claim that they’ve got the best perforated window films. It could be true, but other companies only say it to entice buyers to get their products.

If you want to ensure the quality of the window film, then you should choose Turf Guard Window Film. It is the best product when it comes to taking care of your fake grass.

To learn more about their items and the protection they give to the artificial grass, visit windowfilmforturf.com.

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