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How Does Your Window Reflection Triggers Artificial Turf Melting

Who doesn’t want to have a perfectly attractive garden without any artificial turf melting problem? Maintaining any kind of garden is not easy especially if the plants are all real. That’s why, more and more households are choosing artificial lawns for homes. It is more practical because there is no need for you to water the garden daily. Not only will it save you from excessive water bill but also artificial turf grass gives extra appeal to your garden since it gives you all the freedom to choose which parts of the garden you want them to be installed.

However, there are 3 common reasons that hinder your synthetic grass lawn from standing out:

Direct Sunlight

This is an obvious artificial turf melting cause, especially for the outdoor ones. The more your synthetic grass lawn is exposed to direct sunlight, the more it gets damaged and that is something you can’t avoid unless you will cover the area.

Mirror Reflection

Even if the garden is away from direct heat but if there is a nearby angled mirror towards the garden, it will just give the same effect to the artificial grass. The mirror served as the sun’s medium to touch and affect the fake plants in the garden which still causes damage.

Window Reflection

This is common to the majority of households that use artificial grass in their gardens. The glare brought by the window reflection extremely damages the artificial garden turf. The artificial lawn cost is ranging from $5 to $20 per square foot which totals plenty of bucks to accommodate an average-sized yard. That’s a big amount to waste if you are just going to let it melt without doing anything to avoid it.

You have to be more practical and make sure to land the best price artificial grass not only to secure your big savings but also its durability and life expectancy. The causes listed above have a similarity and that is the sun heat whether it is direct or reflected, it still gives the same bad effect. However, there is clear perforated window film that blocks the sun’s ultra violet and glare reflection that causes synthetic grass from melting.  

It is also important to clean your synthetic garden grass to maintain its green natural color. You can now save your garden from any artificial turf melting problem with the proper care and tips listed above.

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