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How Serious is Window Reflection Destroying Siding

Window reflection destroying siding was not a serious problem before until its effect has become visibly irreversible. In the past few years, the growth of the number of homes with vinyl siding has increased. It is because the vinyl material is less expensive compared to the other materials like bricks and wood. It is estimated that 33 percent of new homeowners prefer vinyl siding for their home.

Along with the increase in the number of homes with vinyl siding, the growth in the number of homes with energy-efficient windows has also increased. This proportional growth leads to the increasing numbers of homeowners complaining about the melting vinyl siding of their home.

The seriousness of this problem has caught the attention of the authorities and they even sent an advisory about the vinyl distortion problems in homes. Although some companies made a fortune by taking advantage of this problem, the window reflection destroying siding problem brought problems to homeowners, glass manufacturers, and vinyl siding companies.

One example of this is a lawsuit filed in Oregon. A man from Beaverton Oregon named Michael Harney sued the Associated Materials of Cuyahoga Falls. The Associated Materials of Cuyahoga Falls is the manufacturer of the Alside siding. According to Harney, the house that he sold in 2015 had warped vinyl siding. Harney believed that the cause of the distortion was natural.Thus, it must be covered by the warranty.

On the other hand, the Associated Materials believed that an extraordinary heat source caused the vinyl siding melting. For this reason, the Associated Materials thought that they have the right to reject Harney’s claim for the warranty.

This lawsuit was filed in August 2015. Now, there are growing numbers of people filing lawsuits and complaints against vinyl manufacturers due to the window reflection destroying siding. It is said that the damage costs more than $5 million.

Another example was Syed Waliuddin. Waliuddin purchased what he thought was a dream home at $458,000. However, the vinyl siding has started to melt. The developer suggested that Waliuddin should file a warranty claim to the vinyl siding manufacturer. However, the manufacturer rejected the claim. The reason was that the warranty didn’t cover the damage that was caused by outside sources, which included the vinyl warping due to sun reflection.

Waliuddin was disappointed and worried about the effects of the vinyl siding melting to his home and family. The only thing that he could do was to work with the homeowners’ association to address this problem.

This issue raised opposing opinions and arguments between homeowners and vinyl siding manufacturers. The homeowners like Waliuddin and Harney believed that vinyl warping caused by window glare should be included in the warranty. However, the vinyl manufacturers believed that the warranty should not cover the window reflection destroying the siding.

To prevent lawsuits and warranty claims, consider using Siding Guard Window Film to reduce the effects of sun glare to your vinyl siding. This window film is one of the best options available in the market that you can opt to try since it is less expensive and easier to install.

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