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How Sunlight Reflection Causes Artificial Turf Melting

One of the main reasons why we would buy synthetic grass is to add beauty to our yards. However, the threat of artificial turf melting comes along with it. What is the cause of this damage and how do we prevent it?

How Artificial Turf Melts Through the Sun’s Reflection?

The main culprit here is the sun’s heat, which bounces off of reflective surfaces and lands on your fake grass roll. Reflection can be defined as the throwing back the heat or light without absorbing it. Mirrors and glass windows are great examples of reflective surfaces.

When the sun shines, the heat it gives off will hit glass windows. In some cases, it would hit mirrors. Either way, both surfaces have reflective properties. These surfaces will not absorb heat but will transfer it to an object adjacent to it.

It is unfortunate if that adjacent object is your artificial grass lawn. If this happens, there is a high chance of artificial turf melting. The heat is also intensified once it bounces off of surfaces with reflective properties.

If your artificial turf lawn is exposed to the intensified heat for a long period, it will reach its melting point. As a result, you’ll be taking out extra cash for artificial grass repair or resurfacing costs.

Is There a Way to Prevent Artificial Turf From Melting?

One of the common ways to preserve the aesthetics and beauty of your artificial turf is to repair or resurface it whenever it reaches its melting point and eventually fades and burns, but it can be costly. How much does turf cost? It’s not necessarily expensive, but with artificial turf melting and constant turf resurfacing, it can eventually hurt your bank account.

Buying and putting green turf on your lawn entails that you are responsible for keeping an eye on any potential threats. When artificial turf companies install artificial grass on customers’ lawns, they normally observe and do a scan around the area for any reflective surfaces.

The best way to go about this problem is to install clear perforated window film. This type of window film serves as some form of screen that prevents any heat from bouncing off surfaces and hit your turf. It aims to protect artificial turf lawns as well as natural grass! Even before the company installs your artificial grass lawn, you can ask them any questions on how to further prevent artificial turf melting.

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