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How to Avoid and Fix Melting Turf Problems

Artificial turf is becoming popular and very beneficial for residential areas due to its low maintenance requirement. It can still look fresh and natural for long years given that you understand what needs to be done when you encounter turf problems.

Melting turf problems can cost a lot of money in terms of repair and installation. Good thing, there are ways on how to prevent turf burn.

  • Proper planning. Check the area where in you will place the artificial turf. Consider the placement of windows and avoid reflective surfaces.
  • Keep the lawn hydrated. Artificial turf is prone to heat absorption. Thus, regular watering is needed to avoid reaching its melting point.
  • Window protection. Use of window screen and protective film prevents the reflection of sun rays that can cause melting turf problems.
  • Infill replacement. Use a lighter shade of infill for your lawn as dark colored infill soaks up more heat.
  • Surround the area with tall plants and trees. Shade from plants and trees helps in cooling artificial turf and protecting it from direct sunlight.

Artificial Turf Care does not require so much. However, there are factors that might damage your turf even after following guidelines on preventing turf burn. Melting turf problem is not a common issue, but still you must keep a close watch on it. Some of the factors that burn your turf are exposure to direct sunlight, reflection from windows and even cigar leftovers.

In case turf burn happened, follow these two steps on how to fix burnt grass.

  • Cut off damaged grass. The cut out part of the lawn will serve as pattern for the replacement. You will notice difference in color, but this will eventually become less visible.
  • Restore the damaged area. Replace the damaged area with a new grass. If the burnt area is large, reach out to your artificial turf provider to discuss options of repair and replacement.

One more solution to your melting turf that is caused by the heat reflected off your windows is applying window films. Window film help in protecting your turf by preventing the heat from reflecting off the artificial grass.

If you are interested in considering this solution, then visit our website and check out Turf Guard Window Film.

Specific amount of care is given for turf maintenance. Various options are available in the market and all of these depend on your property, surroundings, and in some particular situations. For instance, if you have kids playing and pets roaming around your lawn, you need to frequently clean it, as compared to others who do not experience this situation.

In thinking of melting turf problems, you should be aware of simple home remedies to this issue. Here are the simplest ways on cleaning your lawn:

  • Leaf blower is very useful in removing fallen branches, leaves and large debris.
  • Wash off small debris like dust and spills using a garden hose.
  • Use water and detergent to remove stain and residue.

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