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How to Avoid Heat Damage That Kills Your Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass has several benefits to offer. For one, it requires little maintenance. You only need to clean the turf to preserve its beauty. Secondly, it’s eco-friendly. It helps you save water consumption as it only occasionally needs irrigation.

However, buying synthetic lawn is a big investment to make. Thus, it deserves protection to extend its life and to enjoy its benefits.

Heat – The Culprit of Your Turf Damage

The blades of synthetic grass are made of nylon and polyethylene. While these materials are durable, they still have limits. For instance, the melting point of the turf ranges from 175oF to 200oF. If the temperature exceeds that limit, it could kill your grass.

There are two ways to reach the melting point of the synthetic turf. First is if heat is applied directly to the lawn. The sparks of fire pits, for instance, can fly out and land on our lawn. This could cause damage to the blades.

The second reason is the sun reflecting off your windows. Glass windows serve as a magnifying glass. It concentrates the light on the surface that it hits. However, it doesn’t absorb heat but transmits it to another object, which is your synthetic grass. Consequently, its temperature rises, causing the blades to melt.

Ways to Avoid Heat Damage

There are several ways to prevent heat damage. It depends on what you’re trying to avoid.

  • For Fire Pits:

You need to allot a space for fire pits and grills. You can put them in a concrete patio to keep them off your turf.

  • For Window Reflection:

There are several ways to stop window reflection damage. You can plant trees. Trees are natural sun protectors. They cover the fake grass from harmful UV rays. Moreover, they alleviate the temperature as they produce fresh air.

However, it would take years before it can serve its purpose. If that’s the case, you need to hydrate the grass. We mentioned earlier that synthetic grass helps save water as you don’t need to hydrate it regularly.

However, when the weather is too hot, you need to moisten the fake turf to decrease the surface temperature. But you should expect that your water consumption will increase as you need to do it every 30 minutes.

Thus, the best solution would be installing perforated films. Unlike other solutions, you don’t have to wait for long to serve its purpose. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a lot of money because you only need to buy it once. You can also install it on your own. Simply stick the film to your glass window and carefully remove the liner.

The reason it is the best solution for heat damage is that of its anti-reflective properties. It deflects off the light, which reduces the temperature in your artificial grass. Hence, you don’t need to worry about your lawn’s condition, even if it’s hot.

Nowadays, many companies are offering perforated window films. If you want to get top-quality window tints that protect your synthetic grass, then Turf Guard Window Film is the best choice. Visit our website, windowfilmforturf.com, to learn more about our products.

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