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How to Avoid Spending Too Much Money on Melted Vinyl Siding Repair

Doing some melted vinyl siding repair may be the best way to solve your cladding problems. However, this could mean spending too much money. Aside from replacing your vinyl siding, you also need to hire a professional installer, which can also cost a hefty amount of cash.

Fortunately, there are a few solutions that will prevent your vinyl siding from melting. However, you need to know first why your exterior cladding is distorting.

Why Is Your PVC Wall Deforming?

There are a few reasons why your vinyl siding looks melted. One reason could be your outdoor grill. When you cook outdoors, this kitchen equipment emits a scorching hot temperature, causing your outer wall to distort. This issue could lead to a more severe problem, like allowing the moisture to enter your home.

Another reason is the vinyl siding melting point. According to the Vinyl Siding Institute (VSI), the distortion temperature of this material ranges from 160 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, if the temperature exceeds that limit, it could melt your exterior siding.

Nonetheless, the primary reason why your vinyl siding is melting is your neighbor’s Low-E windows. When the sun is at the right angle and reaches the next-door glass window, it magnifies the light, and it leads onto your siding. As a result, your PVC wall starts melting.

What Is the Best Way to Stop This Problem?

Many people think that doing some melted vinyl siding repair is the best way to resolve this issue. While it can halt the problem, it does not mean it is the only way to prevent your siding from deforming.

Here are some melting vinyl siding solutions that will help you avoid doing hefty melted vinyl siding repair.

  1. Plant Trees and Shrubs in Your Yard

One way to prevent costly repair on vinyl siding is by growing evergreens in your garden. These plants do not only add beauty, but they also protect your PVC cladding from heating up. Trees serve as a cover to your siding as they block the UV rays and the reflected heat from hitting the wall. Meanwhile, bushes absorb heat; thus, reducing the temperature. However, using this strategy would take years before it can protect your wall.

  1. Apply Turf Guard Window Film

It is the cheapest and the most efficient solution on the market. The film deflects off the light and spreads out heat evenly. Indeed, Turf Guard Window Film is the answer for your siding problem.

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