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How to Choose Turf Guard Window Film Against Window Reflections

Having high-quality window film is enough to protect your home from the heat and glare of the sun especially during very hot weather. However, it can also cause some issues and problems that affect the artificial turf lawn that you carefully maintain.

When you see discoloration and dark spots on your artificial turf, your energy efficient window could be the one causing it. This kind of window film has a reflectivity feature with its mirror-like surface that reflects the heat back outside. The solar heat is then centralized on a portion of your turf which then causes it to heat up and eventually melt.

Here are some of the necessary tips that you can follow to choose turf guard window film that can help you prevent any damage on your artificial turf from window reflection.

Avoid Reflective Window Films

When you decide to choose turf guard window film instead of the typical window films, it is important that you know why it is better for your artificial turf. The risk of damage to your artificial grass is not primarily the direct sun exposure but from where the sunlight is reflected from, such as your windows. Films that have a reflective factor intensifies the heat, which eventually causes the artificial grass to melt.

When you choose turf guard window film, it is necessary that you choose a film that has no reflective surface. No reflective factor means there is no glare that can damage your turf.

Choose Your Ideal Film Shade

The turf guard window film is available in different styles or shades which you can choose from depending on your preference. You can opt for either black turf guard window film, white, transparent, clear, or gray. Choose the turf guard window film that goes with the ideal overall look of your house and your home’s architecture and interior design.

Find an Ideal Window Film Company

When you choose turf guard window film, it is important to consider its quality both on the materials used and how it was manufactured. Consider the ideal company that can give you a sturdy and long-lasting turf guard window film that is worth your investment. You can also read reviews of the window film company and their products from current users. This will help you decide if their products are worth investing in and using on your windows.

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