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How to Cool Your Artificial Turf in the Summer

Most people choose artificial turf over a lawn full of real grass because they don’t want to spend a ton of time and money when it comes to maintenance. Everyone wants a healthy and green lawn, but it’s not easy to achieve this so they would rather install an artificial turf to take the place of a real lawn.

But despite needing little to no maintenance, artificial grass gets hot in summer. To keep your grass from melting or burning, you need to cool it down. There are techniques to cool your artificial turf in the summer. These are:

1. Putting Shade Sails On Your Lawn 

A shade sail is a tool used in outdoor gardens to create some shade, and it got its name because it looks like a ship’s sail. By putting a shade sail on your lawn, you’ll protect it from direct sunlight, as well as reflected heat that can cause artificial turf heat problems. On top of that, it also provides enough shade for your kids, thus preventing sun damage when they want to play on the artificial turf in the summer.

2. Installing a Sprinkler System

Normally, people would use a hose to cool down their artificial turf in the summer. However, if you want to quickly cool your lawn, then you can just use a sprinkler system. That way, when you feel that it’s getting too hot for your lawn, you can turn on the system for a couple of minutes so your artificial turf can absorb the cool water.

3. Installing a Turf Guard Screen Film

The heat damage that can happen to your artificial turf isn’t caused by direct sunlight. It’s caused by reflected heat. You have to figure out how to make your artificial grass heat resistant, but that’s nearly impossible without the help of Turf Guard Screen Film.

This window film will stop your artificial turf from melting since it acts like a shield from the sun. With this window film installed in your windows, they will no longer reflect heat to your artificial turf, leaving you with a safe and beautiful lawn.

Before proceeding to buy some artificial turf, you ask “How long does artificial turf last?” because you are afraid that purchasing artificial turf is going to cost you more money than real turf ever will. If the summer heat is the only thing that is keeping you from installing an artificial turf, then you’ve been missing out.

The turf heat index and the warm weather might be giving you some second thoughts about buying artificial turf. Keep in mind that you only need some screen film for your windows to settle your artificial turf in the summer.

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