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How to Discover if the Window Reflection Is Killing the Grass

When the grass is already wilting, we always blame the hot weather. While it is one of the main factors, it does not mean that it is the only culprit. Aside from sun exposure, the window reflection is also killing the grass.

How Is the Window Glare Killing the Grass?

When the sun rises and reaches your Low-E windows, the coating hinders the heat from entering the house. Because the heat has nowhere else to go, the layer magnifies the sunbeam and directs it onto your plastic grass. Consequently, the temperature rises, causing the field to die.

How Will You Know if the Window Reflection Is Causing the Damage?

It is easy to determine if the window reflection is killing the grass. You just need to do the following tips:

  • Monitor the life of the plants from the seasons of summer to autumn and spring to summer. Look for some extreme changes in the production of leaves due to these weather patterns. Does it seem to revive itself during cooler months? Do your bushes lose leaves at the top but still produce them from the roots?
  • Check the angle of your plants. Go to the affected spot and stand on it, or place your hands on it. Low-E windows use multiple layers of glass; therefore, casting light in different locations. If the window glare is burning the grass, it will not show a real silhouette. Rather, a very light shadow will come out somewhere far from where you stand.
  • Feel the temperature of the green field. Regardless of the air temperature, the lawn gets hotter when exposed to the sun reflection. If you cannot take the heat, your windows could be the one that is causing the damage.

Is There a Way to Stop the Reflection From Window From Killing the Grass?

There are a couple of ways to prevent the window reflection from killing the grass. One of the things that you can do is to water the lawn at least three times a week. Do it early in the morning before the reflected heat hits the turf. It will give time for the water droplets to evaporate.

However, there is no guarantee that the grass will survive the hot season. Thus, it is best if you put an anti-reflective window film on your window. It stops the window reflection from burning the grass through refraction. Moreover, it distributes heat evenly.

However, you can prevent the reflection from the window from burning the grass if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website and learn how our products avoid the window reflection from killing the grass.

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