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How to Eliminate Brown Spots From Your Artificial Lawn

What’s worse than spending a lot of time and effort in maintaining your artificial lawn? Seeing brown spots on your turf! We often think that synthetic turf doesn’t turn into a brown color; that because it’s fake, it doesn’t wilt.

It could be true. However, it doesn’t mean you will have a healthy-looking artificial lawn all year. In this post, we will give you reasons on why your turf turns into a brown color and how to prevent it.

Why Has Your Synthetic Lawn Turned Into a Brown Color?

There are a couple of reasons why your synthetic grass turns into a brown color. First is sunlight. Too much sun exposure can turn your turf into a brown color. This is because it cannot handle the heat anymore.

Another reason is the window reflection. A reflection refers to bouncing back of a light ray after hitting an object. It happens when the light frequency and the electrons in the glass window are compatible with each other.

However, windows don’t absorb heat. It transmits the high temperature on the artificial lawn, causing it to burn or turn it into a brown color.

How to Eliminate Brown Spots From Your Turf

Fortunately, there’s a way to remove brown spots from your turf. You can replace the burnt areas with new pieces of lawn. Cut out the damaged part and get a new piece from the old carpet that you kept. However, you will see the difference between the newly installed and used grass carpet. Nevertheless, it will disappear over time.

Once the new pieces are in place, of course, you need to preserve them. There are several ways to keep the grass’ beauty. First, you need to maintain the lawn’s hydration. Many people know that turf requires little to no maintenance. However, only a few of us recognize the importance of water in the fake lawn.

Water is necessary for turf, even if it’s fake, as it stabilizes the temperature. However, it could cause flooding as it doesn’t absorb water. Thus, you need to ensure that the entire place is dry before you turn on the irrigation system. Water the turf every 30 minutes, especially during peak hours as this is when the surface is the hottest.

You can also plant small trees or put some pebbles in the area. Not only will it hide the damage, but it will keep the artificial lawn beautiful. This is ideal if it is installed in a sports field.

You can also install perforated window films on your windows. Compared to other window films, this one provides a clearer outside view, but it doesn’t compromise privacy. Lastly, it’s the only window tinting product that cares for plastic grass. Due to its anti-reflective properties, it deflects off window reflections, which reduce heat on the turf. Thus, your lawn won’t melt or turn into a brown color, regardless of the weather.

Several companies are now selling window perf products. However, only a few of them are dedicated to faux grass. If you want to get the benefits of window tints and ensure the beauty of your artificial lawn, then you should choose Turf Guard Window Film. Visit windowfilmforturf.com for more info.

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