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How to Fix Damage Caused by Artificial Grass Melting Point

The first time you are going to buy an artificial grass for your lawn, a reputable manufacturer would tell you the proper ways to take care of it. It would often include its benefits when it comes to taking care of your artificial turf. They will also probably tell you things like how long does synthetic turf last and the problems that might arise given the circumstances.

It is probably the first time that you hear about the artificial grass melting point if you don’t know about it already.

Is artificial grass melting point real and can it damage the turf? That is a big yes. The artificial grass melting point is one of the primary problems when it comes to using synthetic grass. While you can take some safety measures on how to prevent turf burn, often, it is just not enough. You can still find some damages in your turf because it has reached the artificial grass melting point.

When turf burn is already in your synthetic lawn, you will have no choice but to face it and learn how to fix burnt grass.

What to Do When There Are Melting Spots in Your Lawn?

Spots due to melting are an eyesore. They are never good to look at and can often take the spotlight from the overall beauty of your yard.

The very first thing you need to do when you see ugly melting spots is to take them out. You don’t have to replace the entire lawn, just cut out the damaged parts of your artificial turf. Then, replace it with a new one.

Fixing the damaged spots in your lawn will most probably hit you with the idea that you should have probably saved some of those unwanted grass pieces during the first installation. They would come in handy as replacements to the burnt ones.

But, you have to understand that the new artificial grass you replaced would not look perfectly similar to the old one even if they are the same product. While this is the case, it sure looks better than those melting spots you have taken out.

Protect Your Lawn from Melting

There are a lot of factors that can cause your artificial grass to reach its melting point. The good this is, you can do some simple turf maintenance procedures. It will help you protect your turf from melting and burning and make them beautiful and green to last their designed lifespan. Visit our website and check our Window Film for Turf products to find out more solutions that can help you.

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