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How to Fix Neighbor Windows Melting Siding Effectively

Did you know that your window can cause your neighbor windows melting siding? Be reminded that your vinyl siding is not the only target of your energy efficient windows. Even the properties nearby may also be the target of the heat radiating from glass window reflection.

To make things more interesting to discuss, did you know that a lawsuit regarding vinyl distortion exists? In other words, if your windows caused the warped vinyl siding on the nearby property, you may be sued for it.

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) found out that reflection of heat from a window can warp or melt vinyl siding. The focused light will not only cause melting of your siding, but it can also be directed to adjacent building surfaces as well.

Distortion of vinyl is also relative to how close the houses are to one another and the sun direction. For various years, various homeowners claimed that low-E windows are the cause of vinyl siding distortion.

If you do not want to face issues in the future due to unintentional damage of your neighbor’s property, you should start learning how to stop window reflection. If you are in the same shoes as your fellow resident, you will also prefer to fix the neighbor’s window reflection.

Add Window Awnings. You can solve the problem of your neighbor’s windows’ melting siding by considering this basic solution. It may be meant to keep your house cool, but it may also support your current purpose. Specifically, you should install in on the windows facing south and west directions.

By doing so, you will be able to eliminate heat directed from the sunlight by up to 77 percent. This option is also supported by the United States Department of Energy.  You may try the do-it-yourself awnings, which can be made by assembling sheets to your window exterior.

Change Your Low-E Windows. Although the type of window is considered the standard in building code, some councils allowed its substitution if it is the cause of your problem. There are still glass materials around that can prevent sunlight from entering your home without reflecting solar heat at the same level as low-E windows do.

Put Window Film. You can regard this solution for your neighbor’s windows’ melting siding as the most inexpensive option. This can be useful all year long since it can diffuse solar heat instead of directing the rays to your neighbor’s siding. In as much as a few hundred dollars, you will be able to install the film quickly and easily.

Simply follow the recommended solutions and you will be able to avoid a lawsuit in the future. In case the situation is in reverse wherein your neighbor’s windows are causing your siding to melt, you can suggest the methods above to him or her. Everyone can fix their neighbor’s windows’ melting siding in the easiest and cheapest way possible with a window film.

You do not have to look further since Siding Guard Window Film is available to help you with your melting siding problem. You may also recommend it to your neighbor in case he or she encounters the same issue.

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