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How to Install and Protect Your Lawn From Artificial Turf Melting

Designing your lawn to its pleasantest shape is not any more difficult nowadays. With the availability of synthetic grass and turf, there is no excuse why you cannot achieve your dreamed lawn. However, the problem on artificial turf melting cast more doubts to the skeptics.

The primary reason for artificial turf melting is the intense reflection of the sun. Remember that artificial turf can only endure up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and when the temperature goes beyond, it will peel the artificial grass’ adhesive and turn your lawn into a platform of melting plastic. You do not want your neighbors to say negative things about your yard.

You must also remember that energy efficient window films double the impact of the sun’s heat. Installing ordinary window films will just trigger the fast deterioration of your artificial turf and grass. But worry no more, there is one revolutionized window film that can save your synthetic lawn turf.

If you want the best residential artificial turf, the first thing that you must do is to purchase a Clear Perforated Window Film. This type of window film is capable of blocking glare and reducing the sun’s reflection down to its tolerable level.

Steps in Installing the Clear Perforated Window Film

To ensure that your turf yard maintains its best appearance, you need to install the Clear Window Perforated Film correctly. The following are the steps how to do it right:

  • First is to clean the window surface. This action is an essential protocol for mounting a film. You must ensure that the window glass is free of grime, dust, and unwanted particles; otherwise, you will have to face the problem on air bubbles.
  • Position the window film on all sides of the pane. After you align the film, you press the upper corners using only a light force.
  • Lightly press the film in place using a squeegee, or even by your hands.
  • Trim the unnecessary portions of the window film.
  • Squeegee the window film from the center going outward on all sides.
  • The final step is to squeegee the edges of the window film firmly.

You just have to follow these installation guides, and you have already established reliable protection for your artificial turf and grass.

So, aside from asking where can you buy fake grass, it is also a must to know where to buy Clear Perforated Window Film.

Now, if you want to solve the problem on artificial turf melting, plus to find the nearest store to purchase your Clear Perforated Window Film, you just need to tap us now. Your best lawn awaits!

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