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How to Keep Window Reflections From Damaging Your Artificial Turf

Have you chosen artificial turf instead of natural grass for your lawn? Indeed, your choice will save you a lot of costs. However, have you thought of the fact that window reflections can burn your lawn and turf?

Various homeowners are searching for turf solutions, especially now that every now and then, they are being required to replace their artificial grass after burning. Little did they know that they could do something to prevent turf burn.

You should know that artificial turf has a very high melting point. Solar heat can destroy it as 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Be reminded that such light beam can be magnified on any reflective surface.

To find out how to care your lawn from grass burns, given below are tips you can consider:

Plant Evergreens. If you want to learn how to prevent turf burn in a natural way, you can simply plant trees around your garden. In such way, the leaves of your evergreens will be able to provide shade to your artificial turf. This will then keep it from reaching its melting point.

However, it may take time before the trees will serve their purpose. It is also imperative to find out what plants are most suitable for your area.

Consider a Change in Landscaping. You need to learn how to care your lawn by changing the landscaping. For instance, you can consider creating an area where the reflection will be taken or blocked. Alternatively, a gazebo may be built, which includes plants that will not be damaged or affected by extreme solar heat. You can focus on decorative elements only.

Use Protective Window Films. There is nothing more effective than protecting your lawn with window film. Take note that there are products like Turf Guard Window Film that will not reduce the efficiency of your low-e windows.

With the use of the window protection, you will only block the direction of the solar heat. Instead, the heat will also be distributed evenly throughout your backyard.

Considering window film will also save you from the high cost of landscaping. Plus, you can purchase the product at a relatively low price, giving you a reason to begin protecting your turf as early as today.

Given you are now aware of how to protect your lawn from burning, you should consider checking the critical areas that require window film. Apparently, window films are best options to protect your artificial turf in terms of convenience, long-term use, and budget-friendliness.

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