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How to Keep Window Reflections From Melting Your Artificial Grass

While artificial grass manufacturers claim that their products are resistant to melting, window reflections can cause the synthetic turf to disintegrate. There are several ways to protect your lawn from thawing. Here are some of them.

Shade Trees

One of the excellent choices is planting evergreens in your garden. The leaves serve as the cover to your artificial grass.Hence, this prevents your turf from reaching its melting point. However, it takes years before they can serve their purpose. Moreover, you cannot simply grow any kind of tree because all plants have unique needs. Make sure you talk to a local landscaper as he would know what kind of tree you should grow for this purpose.


Awnings can be a replacement window or a retractable roof. This cover does not only protect your furniture, but your synthetic grass as well. It blocks the ultraviolet rays from hitting the glass windows, thus helping in reducing energy consumption. However, some awnings can dim the interior of the house. Thus, if you do not want to compromise the brightness of your home, then this may not be the best option.


If you know where the problem is, you could prevent your artificial grass from melting through landscaping. Not only does it make your property beautiful, but it also blocks window reflections. You could put some stones in affected areas to cover the damage or a fountain to moisten the entire lawn. However, you need to have a budget for this project as it is expensive. Moreover, you need to talk to a landscaper as he knows what works best in this situation.

Anti-Reflective Window Film

If you are on a tight budget, yet you want an immediate solution for your melted artificial grass, then you should opt for anti-reflective window films. Unlike other window tinting products, you can apply this film to the outer part of your window.Its primary purpose is to reflect heat away from your windows and distribute it evenly. That way, you will not see the melted spots on your synthetic lawn.

What Is the Best Solution for Artificial Grass Disintegration?

Now that you have an idea of how to prevent melting artificial grass, you probably want to know what the best option is. Out of all these solutions, the best choice would be the last option. However, you could only get those perks if you buy Turf Guard Window Film.

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