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How To Keep Window Reflections From Ruining Your Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is a man-made grass that is processed and engineered with the use of synthetic materials to make it look like real grass. This lawn and turf is often used for sports that are normally played on grass courts such as American/Canadian football, baseball, field hockey, and golf. In recent times, this synthetic turf has also been popular in commercial establishments and residential landscapes.

The Qualities of Turf

The best kind of turf is the one that comes with a protective coating for harsh ultraviolet rays. While it is common to install artificial grass in shaded areas, you have to protect the turf that is placed in direct sunlight from fading and weathering. Check the window reflections in your house that can hit and burn your turf. Your lawn can weather and survive even the hottest climate if you know how to care for your lawn.

Synthetic Lawn Burning and Melting

Even though there are countless benefits to choosing an artificial lawn over natural grass, this type of landscape also has a few downsides. There are several cases in which the artificial turf has been damaged and melted. Even if you know how to care for your lawn, damage can occur when the turf temperature rises beyond the melting point of the molecular compound in the synthetic grass.

One of the main reasons that your artificial grass melts is the extreme heat that is reflected from the windows in the area. The light from the sun is being directed to the man-made lawn. Other contributing factors are brought on by mirrors, polished gutters, stainless steel doors, and from other reflective panels.

How to Solve Turf Burning and Melting

You need to learn how to prevent turf burn if you want to enjoy your artificial grass for a long time. While it is possible to repair these types of synthetic surfaces should they get damaged, one of the best turf solutions is still prevention. It is important to identify the contributing factors and address them before they cause any lasting damage. This includes putting a protective window film to minimize the sun’s reflection, thus protecting your artificial turf during the process.

If you want to see a green and beautiful lawn from your window all year round, choose the best artificial turf on the market. It requires low-maintenance and is considerably affordable. Choosing to add these protective films in your landscape will not just benefit your artificial grass, it can also add to the energy efficiency of your home.

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