How to Know if Your Window Reflection Are Killing Your Plants

Low emissivity glass has the ability to lessen the emission of heat but can also kill plants on its surroundings. The sun produces intense heat and as the heat is being transferred, oftentimes window reflection killing plants.

One of the first things that you should find out is if you are accountable for the window reflection killing plants. If you notice that some of your plants have been withering and dying on a particular spot, check if the window glare is causing this problem. Being familiar with your property is also a good means of preventing further damage.

How to Know if Your Window Reflection Are Killing Your Plants

In addition, if you are planning to install synthetic turf in your garden, know that the benefits come with a few drawbacks. This also applies if you want to add some artificial plants in your garden. Many people choose this option in order to save water as synthetic plants do not require water to survive. It goes without saying that your water bill is also decreased.

It is better to inspect your lawn and identify the areas that get hit by your window reflections. Look for other reflective surfaces in the area that may also be the cause of the damage. In fact, even a small window can cause major damage through its reflection.

Take Precautionary Steps

When you have a situation like window reflection killing plants, spend some time to find effective solutions to save your plants. You may change the design of your landscape. Add decorative rocks or pebbles, fences, or even small trees to cover the affected areas. Using reflective paints may help reduce the reflection from your windows. There is also sun control film for windows that minimizes the reflection outside.

As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to maximize comfort both in your interior and exterior. Investing in a sun control film is an efficient option. If you have a window reflection killing plants, installing this film will help reduce harsh temperatures and intense radiation. In addition, it effectively lowers the temperature inside the house.

A security film for windows is mainly designed to reduce glare. On the inside, you can still enjoy natural sunlight. On the outside, your plants will not be fried by the beams of light from your windows.

Make a smart decision in addressing your problem with glaring reflection. You can either redesign your lawn or install protective coverings on your windows, like the Turf Guard Window Film. Installing films like these are less expensive, yet efficient solutions that you can consider. If you are interested, visit our website to know more about it.

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