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How to Perform Vinyl Siding Repair and Prevent It

Are you looking for a means to carry out a vinyl siding repair due to distortion or melting damage? Be reminded that instead of asking a professional to do the melted siding repair, you can save money by fixing the problem yourself.

If you have knowledge on how to install vinyl siding, you may have no issue learning how to repair the damage you encountered. You should despair if your vinyl siding only has damages on certain spots, such as holes or cracks.

Repairing vinyl siding damage that is minor will only require a few tools and a small budget. To give you an example, listed below are steps on how to perform a vinyl siding repair using a patch.

Take note that the following solution is not for melting vinyl. Later on, you will understand why reaching the melting point of vinyl may require a different approach.

How to Apply Patch and Repair Vinyl Siding

To carry out a vinyl siding repair, you need a circular saw or a table saw, a zip tool, and tin snips. As for the materials, you need an adhesive caulking and wood shims.

  1. Unlocking the Siding. Use a zip tool to release the vinyl siding from its surrounding material. You should begin with the damaged piece’s lower part. Then, you should put a wooden shim in between the siding while the zip tool traverses the siding. You should carry out the same step for the top of the damaged area.
  2. Patching the Damage. Use a circular saw or table saw to cut out a new piece of vinyl for the damaged area. Remove the damaged area from your siding with tin snips. As much as possible, you should make the new patch larger than the removed vinyl part.

Use the adhesive caulk to set the new patch in place. Lastly, lock the vinyl siding in place.

Can You Repair Vinyl Siding Melting?

Apparently, you cannot fix a melted vinyl siding. Most likely, you will have to replace the material. Instead of worrying about the repair, you should consider preventing the distortion problem from happening again. You can install a window film to keep reflections from damaging your siding. This is considered the most efficient solution that will save you time, effort, and money.

With the steps above, you no longer have to request for an expensive service to bring back the beauty of your exterior. Most importantly, you must know that vinyl siding repair is unnecessary if you will prevent damages from developing.

Start keeping yourself from unnecessary expenses due to siding repair or replacement. Check out what Siding Guard Window Film can do for your home protection against window reflections.

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