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How to Prevent Sunlight From Causing Artificial Turf Melting

The burned spots or dark colors on your lawn are the effect of artificial turf melting. Artificial grass melts when it reaches its melting point at 200 degrees. This happens when sunlight coming into contact with window panes reflects onto artificial turf.

Before you bought an artificial turf for yards, maybe you have asked the question, “Is artificial turf good?” Fake grass has many advantages. It requires minimum to zero maintenance and is very affordable, so yes it is good. However, you also have to consider its disadvantage, too. Although there are more advantages than disadvantages, you have to find a way to prevent damage to your artificial grass tiles.

Four Effective Solutions for Artificial Turf Melting

1. Water your lawn regularly

Water is essential for artificial grass and landscaping. Most homeowners have the misconception that artificial turf doesn't need water because it’s not real grass. However, you should remember that water is the only effective means to clean your lawn, besides being a way to keep its temperature low.

When the grass is well-hydrated, you can avoid artificial turf melting. During the summer, you need to water it more often – experts recommend to water it every 5 to 20 minutes. It will be convenient if you put a sprinkler on your lawn.

2. Make trees your allies

Aside from the fact that trees can prevent floods and produce wonderful, fresh air, it can also protect your turf. In addition to that, it can make your yard more beautiful.

However, you need to make sure that the location where you'll plant the tree can shield more sunlight. By planning the area well, the tree can shield more heat when it grows.

3. Replace the infill

When you were laying fake grass on your yard, maybe you noticed the infill in the grass. Infill functions as a shock absorber, grass blades supporter and carpet stabilizer. However, it can also absorb the sun’s heat, which can cause damage to your lawn later on.

If you have a dark infill, make sure to replace it with a lighter one. Darker colors can absorb more heat than light colors.

4. Install window film

Window films do not only make your home cooler but protect your turf from heat damage as well. It has an anti-reflective feature which minimizes the heat that reflects off of it.

Artificial turf melting is becoming a common problem that most homeowners did not know because they were more focused on artificial turf’s benefits. The easiest way to fight the fake turf’s enemy (sunlight) is to install a clear perforated window film on your home's windows. It is affordable, efficient and easy to install.

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