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How to Prevent Synthetic Turf From Reaching Its Melting Point

Synthetic turf replaced natural grass for many years. Not only are they used in homes and sports fields but also in commercial buildings. One of the primary reasons why people are switching to turf is because of maintenance tasks.

Everyone seems to have a busy lifestyle. Sometimes, we don’t have time to relax because we need to work, even on weekends. Thus, keeping our yards attractive is one of our least priorities. With the use of artificial turf, you don’t need to use your spare time for maintaining the lawn. You only need to clean it occasionally to keep its beauty.

Because it doesn’t require maintenance, you could save your time and money. You can relax at home or bond with your loved ones. Furthermore, you can spend your cash on other purposes.

However, synthetic turf tends to melt. This happens when the weather is too hot, or reflective surfaces, such as mirrors, windows, and gutter surround the lawn. According to research, a reflection triggers the turf’s temperature to rise, causing it to melt. Because these materials don’t absorb heat, they transfer it to the lawn, resulting in melting.

Fortunately, you can prevent your fake turf from melting. You only need to do the following tips:

Tip #1: Keep Your Lawn Hydrated.

Synthetic turf is naturally warmer than natural grass, especially during summer. Because of the climate, the lawn’s temperature tends to rise. To avoid reaching its melting point, you need to hydrate the grass. You can use a hose to give the turf a shower, but it will take a lot of time to finish the task. Therefore, it is best if you have a sprinkler because you only need to turn it on to sprinkle the entire area with water.

Tip #2: Set up a Shade Sail or a Canopy.

You can use a shade sail or a portable canopy to keep the artificial grass temperature.  It serves as protection from the intense heat of the sun. Furthermore, walking on your lawn will be bearable. However, they only protect certain areas. So make sure you set them up in the spots where the sun hits.

Tip #3: Plant More Trees in Your Garden.

Flowers and synthetic turf can make your yard beautiful. However, florals can’t provide the protection that your lawn needs. Thus, you need to plant trees in your yard. Trees make the air cooler. Moreover, it protects the grass from the sun. However, like setting up a canopy or shade, you need to plant them in areas where the sun hits as they only cover certain parts of your lawn.

Tip #4: Use Perforated Window Films.

Out of all these tips, it’s the only one that provides a permanent solution. Window perf helps reduce the effects of window reflection. It also absorbs heat, which helps reduce the faux grass’ temperature. Simply install it on the window, and you’re done.

Installing fake grass may be an effective way to save time and money. However, you can only enjoy its perks if you prevent it from reaching its melting point. Thus, make sure you follow these tips to make the lawn long lasting.

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