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How to Prevent the Sun Reflection From Burning the Grass

Is the sun reflection burning your grass? Many people have green lawns in their yards as these add beauty to the neighborhood.However, it requires too much watering and mowing. For this reason, many homeowners are switching to plastic grass.

Nevertheless, green field is susceptible to melting and burning, regardless whether it is real or fake. That is because the reflection from the window is killing the grass. When the sunlight reaches the Low-E windows, it generates a constant heat that can burn anything along its path. Fortunately, there are several ways to stop the sun reflection from burning the grass in your garden. Here are some of them.

  1. Water the Field

One way to stop window glare from killing the grass is by keeping the surface hydrated. You need to water the area regularly, depending on the type of lawn that you are using. The melting point of artificial turf is higher than the natural grass. Therefore, you need to irrigate the field every 30 minutes as it tends to dry quicker.

However, if you are using a real lawn, then you should water the grass at least three times a week. Do it early in the morning or after 6:00 PM. Water droplets on grass blades can also act as a magnifying glass. Hence, it could result in further damage.

  1. Use a Shade

Another way to stop the sun reflection from burning the grass is to put some shade on your turf. You can use an awning, a canopy, or you can even plant trees. However, there are caveats if you choose these solutions.

For instance, awnings and canopies may prevent the window reflection from killing the grass, but they could dim the house. Meanwhile, trees may also block the reflected heat and reduce the temperature. However, you need to wait for a decade before they can serve their purpose.

  1. Apply Anti-Glare Window Film

Among all these solutions, this is the best way to stop the window reflection from burning the grass. The film spreads out the heat evenly to avoid getting burnt spots on your lawn. It also has anti-reflective properties that reduce glare by refracting the light off. Moreover, the film is like a bug screen; therefore, allowing the natural light to come into your home. With this solution, not only will you be able to protect your turf, but you will also save energy.

However, you will only get these benefits if you get Turf Guard Window Film. Visit our website to learn how our products stop the sun reflection from burning the grass.

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