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How to Prevent Vinyl Siding Melting Window Reflection

The seriousness of the vinyl siding melting window reflection has caught the attention of the government. The Department of Public Safety in Massachusetts even issued an advisory in 2010 about the effect of sunlight to the vinyl siding to inform the residents about this growing problem. They issued a warning regarding the report that came from the National Association of Home Builders. The report stated the effect of sun reflection coming from low-energy or double paned windows on vinyl siding.

Because of the sun’s reflection coming from double paned and energy-saving windows, vinyl siding with regular grades become distorted. It is because the vinyl melting point ranges from 160 to 165 degree Fahrenheit, according to the Vinyl Siding Institute.

In addition to its low melting point, the color of vinyl contributes to the factor of vinyl siding distortion. Vinyl with darker color absorbs more heat than the one with the lighter color. For this reason, the vinyl siding that has darker color melts faster than the lighter one.

For this reason, growing numbers of people have been experiencing the vinyl siding melting window reflection causing them a fortune of money for a replacement. Moreover, just simply replacing the distorted vinyl siding doesn’t solve the root of the problem. You, as a good neighbor, you must take action on how to prevent reflection on windows in destroying your vinyl siding.

Some Ways to Prevent Vinyl Siding Melting

1. Use Double Paned Windows With Capillary Tubes

Be aware that your windows can cause your neighboring house’s vinyl siding melting. Window reflection coming from your window causes this problem, and this is what you don’t want to happen.

One of the things that you can do is to have your double paned windows installed with capillary tubes. The capillary tubes regulate that barometric pressure that lessens the vinyl siding melting window reflection because the glass is less likely to develop concavity. As a result, the reflection will become unfocused and the intensity of heat emitted by the reflection is diminished.Thus, the possibility of your window melting vinyl is reduced.

2. Use Double Strength Glass

Double strength glass is not commonly used for window manufacturing. However, it is the recommended material to use for your windows because unlike the double paned glass which has a single strength glass, the double strength glass has a flatter surface, and it is less likely to concave. This helps to eliminate extreme window glare. Moreover, the price difference between the double strength glass and the double paned glass is small.

Because of the growing numbers of vinyl siding melting cases, the government has already taken action by issuing an advisory. You, as a good neighbor and citizen, are challenged to do your part to prevent the problem of vinyl siding melting window reflection. You can start by checking this Siding Guard Window Film that you can affix on your window.

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