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How to Prevent Window Reflection From Killing Your Grass

Do you know what is worse than spending hours maintaining the lush green color of your lawn? Finding out that the window reflection is killing your grass! Many homeowners are facing this problem, whether they are using natural or synthetic grass. This dilemma happens when the Low-E coating of windows emit an extremely high temperature.

How Is Reflection From Window Killing the Grass?

Too much sun exposure can create brown patches on your lawn. If you do not water the field thrice weekly, it would certainly kill the grass blades. However, sun exposure is not the only culprit. The window reflection is also killing the grass.

When the sun’s powerful rays hit the glass window, the coating separates heat from the cold atmosphere. The glazing acts like a magnifying glass; therefore, intensifying and directing the light beam onto a small area of your lawn. Consequently, the turf’s temperature tends to rise, causing it to burn or die.

How to Stop Window Reflection From Burning the Lawn?

There are several ways to prevent window glare from killing your grass. You can install a sprinkler system and water the field at least thrice a week. However, it could increase your water consumption; hence, resulting in higher water bills.

The second way to stop window reflection from killing your grass is by using awnings. Awnings can be in the form of a replacement window or a roof. Its purpose is to block the sunlight from reaching the glass window. However, it can also dim the house interior. Hence, if you want to keep the room bright, then this may not be the best choice for your problem.

Thus, the best solution to stop the sun reflection from burning the grass is by using Turf Guard Window Film. As the name suggests, it takes care of your lawn by preventing the window reflection from burning the grass. It refracts the sunbeam off and distributes heat all throughout the surface. That way, no brown patches will occur.

However, this is not the only purpose of this product. It also helps homeowners save energy. It uses a bug screen-like feature that allows the natural light to come into your home. With this window film solution, you no longer need to turn on the lights during the day.

Maintaining your lawn is not easy. However, if you know how to prevent window reflection from killing the grass; then you can spend less time on preserving the field. You just need to apply Turf Guard Window Film to keep your lawn in good condition.

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