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How to Protect Artificial Grass From Energy-Efficient Windows

An excellent way to make your home cool and refreshing is by using energy-efficient windows. However, these windows reflect the sun’s rays traveling to your home and reflecting it to the surroundings.

Effects of Energy-Efficient Windows

It has been found that the use of energy saving windows magnifies the heat and causes artificial turf to melt. The melting of the artificial grass due to the strong reflection of the sun is known to be a big problem for artificial turf users.

Artificial grass is ideal for your house, and it goes against the heat of around 200 degrees Fahrenheit. If the heat goes more than that temperature, it surpasses the artificial grass’ boiling point causing it to melt. Not only that, but it will also cause the artificial grass’ color to fade.

The reflective surfaces are responsible for the increase of heat being reflected from energy-efficient windows, which can destroy your artificial turf. Not just windows, but reflective materials can enhance heat like in the case of stainless metals.

Although the Low-e windows have plenty of benefits, it also has its drawbacks such as destroying artificial turf and leaving brown spots on your lawn.

How to Prevent Artificial Turf From Melting

Installing a window film can protect your artificial turf from melting, and it can give you the protection against the damages caused by the UV rays. It is inexpensive and can increase the efficiency of your home.

The Clear Perforated Window Film protects your garden through decreasing the heat reflected by the sun’s rays. It acts as a shield to preserve your artificial grass making it last longer that its warranty.

Using this window film is the easiest and most efficient way to guard your artificial grass from the strong reflection of the sun. It allows you to enjoy the benefits of a window film while having a natural view of a window.

The Clear Perforated Window Film is highly recommended for every household, whether you already have an artificial grass installed or still planning to get one. Even if the artificial grass is in a shaded area, it’s still advisable to install the perforated window film for precautionary measure.

How to Fix Damaged Turf

If there are areas of your turf that are already damaged, the first thing you have to do is to install the window film to prevent further damage on your artificial grass. Then fix the damaged spot by cutting a patch on the area and replacing the grass using an exact turf product. Make sure that the direction of the blades is identical to the existing grass.

Getting a Clear Perforated Window Film is a smart investment. It gives you the assurance and peace of mind knowing that your synthetic turf is protected no matter how hot the weather can become.

Rather than spending and wasting a lot of resources remodeling your yard or wasting your time and energy looking for artificial grass solutions, you can just get the Clear Perforated Window Film and be a worry-free synthetic turf user.

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