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How to Protect Your Vinyl Siding From Melting

Vinyl siding is a popular choice for many homeowners due to its benefits. For one, it is less expensive than other alternatives. It only needs little maintenance and is more energy-efficient than aluminum and wood siding options. However, it could melt. This is especially true if you’re using an old version of siding.

Reasons Why Your Siding Melts

Several factors trigger your home siding to melt. First is your grilling machine. We often put this cooking equipment in our backyards as we don’t like smoke in our homes. However, grills could cause the siding to melt.

The iron absorbs heat. If the tool is less than 20 feet away from your siding, chances are, it will melt the outer wall of our home.

The second reason is the window reflection. Windows, especially the low-emissive ones, have reflective properties. Their purpose is to push the heat away from your home. To do this, the glass acts like a magnifying glass, concentrating the sun’s rays on one area. Consequently, your vinyl siding will melt.

What to Do to Keep Your Siding From Melting

Unfortunately, you can’t ask for a replacement from vinyl siding manufacturers if a window reflection causes the damage. To save your cash, you need to protect your siding before it melts. Here are the things that you can do to protect the siding of your home from melting:

  • Keep a Distance Between the Grill and Your Siding

Place it in an area where the flames cannot touch the vinyl siding. Not only will it prevent the effects of vinyl siding melting, but it will avoid your house from catching fire.

  • Plant Trees Where the Window Reflection Hits

Trees add beauty to any yard, but they can also block the harmful reflection off your window. You only need to plant the seeds in the right positions to serve its purpose. However, you have to wait a decade or 2 before it can protect your house siding.

  • Apply Turf Guard Window Films for Your Windows

These films are intended for protecting your synthetic grass from melting and burning. However, you can use them for preventing your insulated vinyl siding from warping. The films have UV blockers that reduce heat. They also have anti-glare properties that minimize reflections. Moreover, they offer a clearer outdoor view compared to other window films.

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