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How to Resolve Problems Caused by Artificial Turf Melting

Artificial turf melting is one of the most common effects that usually happen due to exposure to excessive heat. There are many possible causes of this occurring, yet there are solutions to them as well.

What Are the Possible Reasons why Synthetic Grass Melt?

The use of artificial grass is now widely preferred in residences, offices, landscaping models and the like. It has been one of the viable options for those who desire to attain grass of high quality, but no maintenance is required. With high quality fake grass, there is no need to water, cut or mow the lawn since it is merely synthetic. Nevertheless, as easy as it is to maintain it, problems such as artificial turf melting, which is usually caused by the solar heat reflection, still arise.

Heat From the Sun's Glare Reflecting off the Windows or Mirrors

One of the things that can cause artificial grass to melt is the intense heat of the sun reflected on the surface of a window. If the reflection of the sun's harsh glare rests on the lawn for an extended period, and the windows are in a surrounding area of the lawn, this will most likely instigate the melting regardless of the quality of the artificial grass.

Blazing Sunlight Reflecting off of Polished Gutters

Areas surrounding the lawn covered in synthetic grass with dark colors are also a probable cause of the artificial turf melting. Sunlight reflected on a glossy surface can cause the grass to melt even though it was made to last outdoors. The synthetic grass does not melt because of the sun's heat but because of its reflection bouncing off the areas near or around the lawn.

Where To Buy Artificial Grass Melting Solution?

Many people who choose to use synthetic grass prefer something that would fit their budget but still opt for high quality, so they have fake turf prices or artificial grass carpet price in mind when they shop. However, they neglect to find a potential solution in case the artificial turf starts to melt.

There is one ingenious solution to this problem without having to compromise the design and aesthetics of the area, so getting rid of reflective surfaces won't be necessary. The best solution to artificial turf melting is the use of clear perforated window films. It is the perfect method to protect artificial turf or synthetic grass from melting.

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