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How to Save Your Lawn From Artificial Turf Melting

Have you ever heard of artificial turf melting?

Green grass can make a lawn look nice and inviting. However, grass can die over time since it is living. Luckily, there is a good alternative that helps solve this lawn problem, and it is the artificial turf.

Outdoor artificial grass, or artificial turf, is designed to look like real grass. Since it is artificial, there will be no problem when it comes to its lifespan, so long as it is well-maintained. The application of this product is ideal for places where grass cannot grow or maintenance might be irregular, which might result in grass damage.

Where and Why Consider Buying Artificial Turf?

Thanks to our advanced technology, the Internet provides numerous answers to your question, “Where can I buy artificial turf?” You can purchase the best fake grass from any place and make your lawn have that homey feeling again.

Is artificial grass expensive? The price differs depending on who will provide the services. But compared with the maintenance cost of having real grass, artificial turf may serve you for years before being reimbursed for its cost.

What Are the Possible Drawbacks of Artificial Turf?

It may sound too good, but artificial turf can also be an unpleasant business when not maintained properly. Since it is made of plastic, its major problem is exposure to the sun. This might turn handful if it will not be resolved or left unattended. If you have a pet, urine and stool can also add to the potential damage to your artificial turf.

Preventing Your Lawn From Artificial Turf Problems

Fortunately, artificial turf problems can be prevented. Some suggestions would be to:

  • Install a sprinkler to regularly water your lawn;
  • Design your lawn with some plants, pebbles, and the likes; and
  • Clean the artificial turf regularly depending on different elements that you have in your lawn (pets, shrubs, or kids).

If you have done all of these but still notice some black spots on your artificial turf, then your windows might be the suspect.

How and Why Does the Artificial Turf on Your Lawn Melt?

Artificial turf melting happens when the artificial grass is exposed to extreme temperatures. Usually, the product is designed to tolerate intense heat. However, your windows may reflect the sun’s rays to the ground, adding more intensity to the heat and thereby causing your artificial grass and turf to melt.

If your windows are the culprit of artificial turf melting, then applying wid clear perforated window film is your best solution.

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