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How to Shield Your Lawn From Glare and Artificial Turf Melting

The reflection of the sun or the sun’s heat can cause artificial turf melting. Most homeowners buy fake grass from artificial grass suppliers to make their surroundings greener and more beautiful. They prefer real looking artificial grass because they do not need to mow or water it. In reality, more and more people are switching to a zero-maintenance artificial lawn.

However, the realness or fakeness of the grass does not even matter if it is subject to the damage that the sun's heat can cause. When the heat reflects on a reflective surface like a window, the reflected heat will damage the grass. There are many cases where energy efficient windows damage artificial lawns because the windows can magnify the heat of the sun to the point when the heat reaches the artifical turf's melting point. In connection with that, reflected heat from the window can damage anything that it hits - not only your artificial turf.

Ways To Shield Your Lawn From The Sun’s Heat

1. Water Your Lawn

You can prevent your fake lawn from melting by keeping it cool. This can be done by watering it. The number of times that you need to water your lawn depends on the type of grass that you have. Make sure to ask fake grass suppliers about how durable your lawn is so that you’ll know how to take care of it.

However, experts recommend that you water your fake lawn every 30 minutes. Take note that this option could increase your water bill.

2. Shield Grass By Using a Shade

Another option that you can consider is putting a shade right over your top rated artificial grass to prevent the grass from melting. Examples of shade are trees, a canopy or an awning. But there are also drawbacks in choosing this option.

A shade can shield your lawn from the heat, but you would sacrifice the natural light in your home. Using trees could be a big help because it can make your surroundings' temperature cooler, but you have to wait for the trees to grow before you can benefit from them.

3. Install a Window Film

Window films can prevent artificial turf melting. It spreads the heat equally and shields your lawn from melting or burning. Films also have an anti-reflective feature which decreases the glare, while letting natural light pour through your windows. It does not only protect your lawn, but it can save you energy as well.

Artificial turf melting is a serious problem that needs a long-term solution. You can maintain the best fake turf in your home by installing clear perforated window film. It is the most affordable and energy efficient solution to turf problems.

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