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How to Stop Artificial Grass from Melting and Keep it Looking New

One of the best things about having a synthetic lawn is that the grass is always lush and green. But while the artificial turf is low maintenance, it still needs to be looked after, so it remains in top condition and to prevent artificial grass melting.

Why Does Artificial Grass Melt?

As surprising as it sounds, artificial grass does melt. This happens when the sun's rays are reflected off the glass or other reflective surfaces and hit the ground.

The glass becomes like a magnifying glass, focusing and intensifying the heat from the sun. The result is reflected sunlight hitting the artificial turf at a temperature much higher than what it is designed to handle, thereby causing the grass to melt. The astonishing part is that synthetic grass already has a high melting point to begin with, so you can just imagine how intense the reflected light becomes.

How to Stop Turf from Melting

There are several ways to prevent artificial grass from reaching its melting point.

Property owners planning to have a synthetic lawn should first consult with a landscape architect or an artificial turf company. They will assess the property for any reflective surfaces that might cause problems and make the necessary adjustments.

You can also plant shade trees or bushes in front of windows to lessen the heat that will reach the ground. Placing shutters or individual awnings over windows or a trellis over doorways can also help in minimizing glare.

One of the most effective means of preventing artificial grass melting is for owners to put a protective film on the windows, especially if they're energy efficient windows. A window film will diffuse the sun's UV rays and reduce window glare. Not only will this lessen the heat reflected from the sun, but it will also help make the home more energy efficient.

Tips on Keeping Artificial Turf Looking New

Preventing artificial grass melting is not enough though. Homeowners are still required to do some maintenance on their synthetic lawn if they want to keep it looking fresh and new.

An artificial lawn should be swept or brushed once a month to spruce it up. Remember to brush in different directions to keep the turf upright and bouncy.

Organic debris like leaves should also be removed as soon as possible. Weeds might also spring up now and then. You can either take the tops off or use a water based weed killer. Meanwhile, stubborn stains can be dealt with by some soapy water or dishwashing liquid.

To ensure that your lawn will last for years, apply Turf Guard Window Film on your windows immediately. It's guaranteed to diffuse sun reflection and prevent artificial grass from melting from the heat. Turf Guard will also help make your home more energy efficient.

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