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How to Stop Siding Melting Caused by Window Reflection

Are you one of the homeowners who want to know how to stop window reflection and stop siding melting? This reflection issue usually occurs where there are low-e windows which are known to create beams of light with laser effect. The windows tend to bow inward and increase the reflection of the sun.

Imagine using a magnifying glass on paper. That is also the effect of energy-efficient windows on your lawn. It can melt and toast almost everything in your backyard. The damage can even reach your neighbors’. The sun reflection from your windows can reach up to 200 degrees.

If you notice the house of your neighbor having warped vinyl, then these energy-efficient windows are likely to blame. In fact, it might be your own windows that are causing the neighbors’ windows melting siding. It is because vinyl siding can begin to warp at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Here are some details that can help you understand more about warping siding and how to stop siding melting:

  • The ones to be responsible for a lot of damage seem to be the energy-efficient windows that face south.
  • Damage to property has a high risk of happening to houses that are closer to each other.
  • Warping of vinyl siding can occur at any season.

As low-e windows have become more popular among homeowners, cases of melted vinyl siding have also become common. What should be done is to prevent the vinyl melting point from happening. The melting point of vinyl is the start of its warping and melting.

To stop siding melting its path, you can:

  • Prevent the sun from hitting low emissivity windows by installing awnings.
  • Place some privacy screens on your windows.
  • You can use vinyl siding that is heat-resistant.
  • Use window film on your windows.

Since the reflection on your windows is causing the siding melting as well as the damage in your lawn, using a film for windows is the ideal solution. From the inside, the film gives a clear view of the outside. When looking from the outside, the view inside is dark as the film blocks the sun. But the bottom line is, the window protection film destroys the glaring sunlight.

If you want to stop siding melting and know more about how to protect your things, such as your car, outdoor furniture, or vinyl siding from window reflection and ultraviolet rays, watch the video below.

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