How to Stop Window Reflection From Killing Your Grass

Go outside your home and take a look at your lawn. Have you seen some brown spots in your field? There could be one reason for this – the window reflection is killing your grass!

Aside from the intense heat brought by the sun, your energy-efficient windows can also kill your lawn. When the sun’s rays reach the window, it separates heat from the cold temperature.When this happens, the heat then lowers the room temperature. It creates a window reflection to stabilize the atmosphere inside the house.

However, the reflection from the window is killing the grass.Once the sunlight hits the coating of your window, it intensifies the heat and directs it onto your lawn. As a result, the temperature increases, causing the grass blade to burn.

Fortunately, you can stop window reflection from killing your grass. Here are some things that you can do to stop window glare from burning your grass.

Install a Sprinkler System in Your Garden

One way to stop window glare from killing your grass is to water the field. You need to do it two to three times a week to preserve its lush green color. However, it would take too much water, especially if the field is big. Therefore, you must expect that your water bill will increase.

Do Some Landscaping

If you know where the tender spots are, then you need to do some landscaping.Not only will it stop window reflection from killing your grass, but it will also hide the ugly areas. For instance, you can place stones in the wilted area to protect it. You can also put up a fountain so that passersby will only see the spring and not your lawn.

However, you need to talk to a local landscaper, as he knows what type of solution you should use.

Apply Turf Guard Window Film for Your Windows

Applying window film is the cheapest yet the most efficient solution to stop window reflection from burning your grass. The film features a UV blocker that refracts the light off and distributes heat evenly. That way, all parts of the lawn can get the same amount of heat.

Aside from preventing glass reflection from burning the grass, it also helps reduce energy consumption. It allows the natural light to come into the house and alleviates the room temperature. Hence, you no longer need to turn up the AC unit when it is hot.

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