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How to Stop Window Reflection With Simple Home Tricks

Many homeowners are finding ways to stop window reflection, especially now that it is considered as one of the most common problem points. If you have a standard glass window, ways to reduce glare are not necessary.

However, you will likely have problems with window glare if the glass material you chose is too reflective. Apart from having sunlight through the window, you may see your turf getting burned gradually over time. Plus, even your vinyl siding may melt, causing you to replace the material repeatedly.

Fortunately, you still have means to stop window reflection. To provide you steps regarding this, given below are the following:

Use Shutters and Awnings. You may consider the materials as solutions to reduce window reflection in a basic way. It can eliminate glass reflections, especially during midday. You can simply install an awning on your window exterior. This will help in blocking direct sunlight.

Alternatively, if you do not prefer a roof overhang, you may consider shutters for the exterior and interior of your window. These can be opened or closed when necessary, depending on the time of the day.

Change the Shade of Your Home. In order to change the bright appearance of your window compared to the surfaces of the room, you should paint your room as bright as your window. You should know that the window becomes brighter if your interior is dark, but the exterior of your room is light in color.

The given step is used only if you have a single window where natural light comes from. It will also decrease the light transmission extensively.

Improve Your Landscaping. You may also consider this as an effective way to stop window reflection, since it will block much of the sunlight, especially during summer. You can put trees that would provide shade on the western side of your abode. This is useful during winter months if you want shade from the afternoon sun.

Apply Anti-Reflective Window Film. You may install the solution to your window exterior so that beams of light will not be flashed even if solar heat reaches your home. What makes this solution efficient is that it distributes solar heat evenly even if it causes it to bounce off.

From the given solutions, it is apparent that the last one will save a lot of effort and money. It has become the option for many homeowners nowadays. Besides, it can stop window reflection without the fear of getting a lawsuit from your neighbor due to the damage inflicted on their commercial or residential property.

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