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How Vinyl Siding Melting Solutions Prevent Thermal Distortion

Many manufacturers are now offering vinyl siding melting solutions. The reason for this is that more and more people are dealing with thermal distortion. The problem starts when the sun and the Low-E windows are in perfect condition. When the sun reaches the Low-E coating, it magnifies the UV rays and directs them to the cladding next door. As a result, it melts the vinyl siding.

However, this phenomenon is just a rare event. It only happens when the glazing becomes concave; hence, creating a magnifying glass effect. Fortunately, there are several ways to prevent vinyl siding melting damage. These vinyl siding melting solutions may not eradicate the cause, but they can reduce the effects.

Plant Trees in Your Garden

One way to stop the vinyl siding melted by windows is through growing trees in your yard. These plants are natural energy-saving boosters. They cool down the temperature; thus, you can avoid reaching the vinyl siding melting point. The leaves and branches of trees prevent the UV rays and reflected heat from hitting the outer wall. Moreover, they provide air, which reduces heat.

However, you need to grow the trees where the heat strikes the most. Still, you need to consider the distance so that they can get the same amount of nutrients. Otherwise, they cannot stop vinyl siding melting from the window reflection.

Change Your Cladding With Heat Resistant Wall

Another way to prevent the cause of vinyl siding melting is by replacing your siding. Vinyl cladding has a low melting point. It can only reach up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the temperature of window reflection can reach up to 200 degrees. Hence, if it touches your wall and exceeds the vinyl siding melting temperature, it could distort your wall.

To ensure that it will not happen again, you need to replace your cladding with vinyl siding that will not melt. It has a higher distortion point as opposed to the standard PVC wall. However, choosing this solution can be expensive. Aside from buying the materials, you need to hire a professional installer to ensure that every siding is in place.

Use Perforated Window Screens

It is one of the most efficient and cheapest vinyl siding melting solutions. It deflects off the sunbeam, causing to reduce glare. Moreover, it distributes the heat evenly. That way, all areas will get the same amount of heat.

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