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How Well Does Your Home Siding Stand Up to Heat?

Over the past few years, home siding has changed and evolved to meet the needs of many homeowners. It has become durable and can stand up to extreme heat. But can it withstand high temperatures?

Many vinyl siding manufacturers claim that their products are resistant to extreme heat. But according to the Vinyl Siding Institute, the melting point of this material is between 160-165 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, your exterior wall could melt if it exceeds that temperature.

Why Is Your Vinyl Siding Melting?

There are two reasons why your home siding is melting. One reason is if the siding is exposed to fire. If you like cooking outdoors, the exterior wall is more prone to melting. This is because cooking equipment like grills can produce fire. As we all know, fire generates heat, and thus, results in melting the vinyl siding paint.

The second reason is the Low-E glazing. Window manufacturers made their glass units close to parallel. However, as the months passed by, the glazing becomes concave. Consequently, it creates a “magnifying glass effect,” concentrating the heat on a small area of your home siding. As a result, it slowly distorts your outer wall.

What to Do to Stop Heat Damage?

There are several ways to prevent heat damage. You can use a heat resistant vinyl siding material so it can withstand the heat. This particular exterior wall has UV protection that blocks the harmful effects of the sun. However, using this siding isn’t enough as it is still vinyl. Therefore, the melting point is still low.

To ensure your siding won’t warp or distort, you need to change your landscape and use some sun protection tools.

One of the things that you can do is to plant trees in your garden. Evergreens add beauty to your home. Furthermore, these are natural sun protectors as they block the sunlight from hitting the window. However, they cannot serve their purpose immediately. You have to wait for years before they can protect your house siding from melting.

If you want an instant solution, the best choice would be Turf Guard Window Film. This is no ordinary window film. For one, it is applied to the exterior part of the window. Thus, it absorbs more heat and reduces glare. Lastly, it doesn’t obstruct the window’s clarity, allowing you to see the outside view.

Indeed, this is the best sun protection tool for your home siding. To learn more about our vinyl siding melting solutions, visit our website now!

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