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Is it True or Not? Myths and Facts About Home Window Film

An easy way to achieve energy saving, increase comfort, decrease solar glare, improve security and safety, and enhance aesthetics is by using a window film.

However, there are a lot of misconceptions with regard to home window film. This is because of the various ideas and information from different individuals. It is important to separate the facts and myths of about window film in order to have a better understanding of the product.

What is a Window Film?

A window film is typically made of polyester. The film is placed on a glass surface designed to reduce solar glare penetration and can be used for aesthetic purposes as well.

Common Myths and Facts of the Residential Window Film

  • Myth: It doesn’t last long.

Fact: Most home window film companies offer a warranty that lasts for about 10-15 years. It depends on what material is being used. Through proper care and maintenance, some would last longer than their expected warranty.

  • Myth: It ruins the view.

Fact: It may weaken the light that passes through. However, the window film is designed to limit sunlight and decrease heat. The view is definitely not ruined, it only appears dark when you are looking from outside, but it’s different when you are looking from inside. We have what we call visual equity. This is a process wherein one’s eye will adjust to the light it receives.

  • Myth: Installing a window film can be done by anybody.

Fact: It may look simple and easy, but an expert should still be the one to install a home window film. Aside from the factors that need to be considered when installing, it should also be remembered that a window film can easily be contaminated with dust or dirt. An expert has proper training and experience that can prevent contamination and ensure perfect installation.

  • Myth: It does nothing important, aside from limiting light.

Fact: Window film has plenty of uses. Aside from reducing light, it blocks more than 99% of radiation. It also protects artificial turf from melting and can be used for aesthetic purposes.

  • Myth: It prevents intruders.

Facts: There are window films for safety, but it does not completely prevent intruders from coming in. A Window film’s safety function is to hold the glass together and stop it from shattering to pieces.

  • Myth: These are available in only black or silver.

Fact: False! Window films today come in many shades. Other new films are designed to allow 50% of the solar energy. Most people would not know you have one installed without telling them.

With the advancement of technology, window films today are better in terms of quality and performance compared to when it was first released. Understanding the facts about home window film will let you decide if you really need to install one in your home.

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