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Is the Sun Reflection Burning the Grass on Your Property?

The sun reflection burning grass is one of the major concerns for many homeowners. This phenomenon happens when the sunshine strikes your Low-E windows. The coating used by these windows reflects heat away from the house. Because it has nowhere else to go, the layer magnifies the light and transmits it to your turf. As a result, brown spots on your lawn appear.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to prevent the window reflection from burning the grass. You can water the surface regularly, change the landscape, and apply perforated films to your windows.

  1. Water the Field Every Other Day

One way to stop the sun reflection from burning the grass is by watering the field at least three times a week. Doing this tactic will keep the plants alive, even on summer days. However, you cannot just irrigate the area whenever you want. You need to do it either early in the morning or when the sun is about to set.

Watering the turf at noon will only make things worse. That is because water droplets on grass blades will magnify the sunlight, causing further harm. Hence, you need to irrigate the area before the reflected heat strikes the lawn.

  1. Change the Landscape of Your Garden

Another way to stop the window glare from burning the grass is by modifying the design of your orchard. This solution will hide the imperfections in your yard. Moreover, it can cover the field; hence, preventing the glass reflection from burning the grass.

However, you need to hire a professional landscaper. He knows what to do when it comes to preventing the sun reflection from burning the grass.

  1. Apply Perforated Window Films to Your Windows

Believe it or not, window perf can stop the reflection from the window from burning the grass. It has anti-reflective properties that refract the light off. It also has UV protection that prevents fading out. Nonetheless, the best thing about this product is that it ensures all areas of the lawn get the same amount of heat. That way, you no longer need to think of ways to prevent the window reflection from killing the grass.

However, you will only get these benefits if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. Our products come in a variety of colors. You just need to pick a shade that fits your needs.

Get the best protection for your lawn! Visit our website and learn how our products can halt the sun reflection from burning the grass.

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