Is the Window Glare Killing the Grass? Here's How to Fix the Damage

Many reports have proved that the window glare is killing the grass. It happens when the lawn can no longer take the heat. The turf turns to a yellowish-brown color, an indication that the glare on windows burns the grass.

How Is Glass Reflection Killing the Grass?

Two factors trigger this damage. First is the high-performance coating on windows. This metallic, thin layer reflects the sunlight away from your house to keep the room cooler. However, it creates a sun reflection, which kills your lawn.

Aside from that, the concavity of the glass window can also wilt the turf. Due to the changes in air temperature, it bows the glazing inward. As a result, it creates a magnifying glass effect. Meaning, it intensifies the sunlight and transmits it on your field. This phenomenon leads to an increase in the grass temperature; therefore, resulting in burning the lawn.

How to Stop Window Reflection

There are several ways to halt the window glare from killing the grass. It depends on the severity of the damage. If burnt spots exist, you have no choice but to remove the damaged area. If you are using a real turf, then you must plant new seedlings in your yard.

If you have a plastic lawn, then you need to cut the damaged area.  Use it as a template to know the size that you need to get. Then, place the new set in the hole. Make sure you put it in the same direction so that no one would notice the difference.

Once you have installed the new lawn, it is time to prevent the glare from the window from killing the grass. There are two ways to block the sunbeam from hitting the glass window. You can install an awning window or apply a perforated window film.

An awning window is a replacement window that you can place over your current window. This exceptional window halts the window glare from killing the grass. However, choosing this tactic is a bit expensive. Aside from buying the material, you also need to pay for the installer’s service.

However, if you want a cheaper option, then you should choose the perforated window screen. Like the awning, the film stops the glare on windows from killing the grass by diffusing the sunlight. Moreover, the screen distributes the heat evenly so that no wilted areas will occur.

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