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Is Window Reflection Killing the Grass in Your Garden?

Grass is common in many properties, whether it is a commercial or residential building. Its purpose is to enhance the beauty of the place. However, the natural lawn is prone to dying, especially during summer. One of the reasons is the window reflection.

How Is Window Glare Killing the Grass?

More and more people are installing Low-E windows as they help save energy costs. This panel uses a thin, metallic layer that creates a window reflection to stabilize the room temperature. However, this window reflection is killing your grass.

The glare coming from the window produces an intense heat that can burn or melt anything, including your grass. The temperature can reach up to 200oF, which is two times higher than the burning point of the natural lawn. As a result, it wilts the green field, making your property uninviting.

Is There a Way to Prevent the Natural Grass From Wilting?

There are a couple of ways to avoid the window reflection from killing your grass.  Here are some of them.

Water the Field Regularly.

One way to avoid the reflection from the window from killing your grass is by irrigation. You need to water the lawn every other day so it can survive the hot season. Do it early in the morning or after 6:00 in the evening. That way, it will give the water droplets time to dry and evaporate.

However, doing this technique can be expensive as you need to consume a large amount of water. Thus, you need to learn other ways on how to stop window reflection from wilting grass that does not cost too much money.

Plant Trees and Bushes in Your Yard

Another way to prevent the window reflection from killing the grass is by growing trees and shrubs in your garden. The leaves and branches of trees can block the sunlight from hitting the glass window; hence, reducing window reflections. Meanwhile, shrubs absorb heat; therefore, decreasing the temperature.

However, growing plants will take years before they can serve their purpose. Moreover, you need to water and fertilize them, which is also costly. Hence, this may not be the best choice if you want to prevent the window reflection from burning the grass.

Use Turf Guard Window Film for Your Windows.

It is the best solution to stop window reflection. The film prevents the sun reflecting off the windows from killing the grass by refraction. Moreover, it distributes the heat throughout the field so that no part will wilt.

Stop the window reflection from killing the grass in your garden! Check out our website and grab our Turf Guard Window Film solutions.

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