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Is Your Window Reflection Killing Plants and Burning Them

One effective way of preventing your reflection killing plants is to use a window film. This helps to minimize the glare from glass doors and windows. It is not just the plants that get protected, but you are also preventing turf burn. The right kind of window film can diffuse the beams of light and decrease the reflection that brings about burning grass and plants.

Window Film to Protect Your Plants

A high-quality film can break up the concentrated window glare and reduce the amount of reflection that your plants are receiving. It stops reflection killing plants, which can make your garden look unsightly. Even with the film, you have easy visibility outside. When installing, apply it on the side of your door or windows that have no screen. Both screen and film can help block the glaring sun from your window reflection.

When it comes to taking care of your plants, do not forget these essential factors:

  • If you are not an expert in gardening, never put too much water in your plants. Overwatering can kill your beautiful and healthy plants. Not all plants need the same amount of moisture. There are plants that prefer to be totally dry between watering them, while some other plants prefer wet soil in between.
  • As with water, plants have different nutritional requirements. Overfeeding the plants is generally not recommended. There are three kinds of foods for plants. The first one is granular, which is scattered around the plant base and penetrates the soil by water. The second is the spikes, which are directly applied into the soil. This is a solid food that gives off nutrients gradually. The third one is the water soluble, which is in liquid form. They are often mixed with water before watered on the plant.
  • Photosynthesis is vital in the life of a plant, and light helps plants in processing their food. Not all plants need the same kind of light as there are indoor plants and outdoor plants.
  • Low-E coatings. If you are using low emissivity glass, less amount of infrared light and ultraviolet rays penetrate the glass. It comes with an ultra-transparent layer that reflects heat and infrared light. It is microscopically thin that it does not affect the transmitted light; hence you should be careful with reflection killing plants.

People are usually unaware that glass reflection can make plants live longer. The goal is to stop the glare from the windows which results to reflection killing plants.

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