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Know Your Enemy: Sunlight as a Cause of Artificial Turf Melting

You gaze lovingly at your perfect green garden, but alas, you see the artificial turf melting! It is indeed a disaster, but how did your fake lawn end up like this? What could have possibly ruined the presumably immortal patch of green year round? The answer is simple. It’s sunlight.

Artificial Turf Is Common and Can be Found Everywhere

To start, an “artificial turf” is also known as a fake lawn. It is composed of synthetic fibers designed to look similar to real grass as possible. It is usually used for sports coliseums and recently, for residential houses. It is very convenient to use due to the minimum maintenance required – there is no need to mow, use pesticide and fertilizer, or water the fake grass! Now another question is for the taking – where to get fake grass?

You could check out the internet where to buy artificial turf if you’re interested. Although, the best place to buy artificial grass is via legitimate sellers. Not only do they have good quality artificial turfs, but they also cover the installation and give warranty for a certain number of years.

The cost of artificial turf has reduced through the years due to increased competition. Artificial turf has different rates from fake grass for yard cost for purchasing and installing. It is a serious investment, and even if it is not organic, it doesn’t mean that it cannot die. Artificial turf is not exactly maintenance-free, and it still needs to be saved from its primary enemy – sunlight.

Main Enemy of Artificial Turf is the Sunlight

Sunlight cannot harm the fake grass unless it is reflected from a shiny surface. Reflection is a light bouncing off a surface without absorbing it. A most common type of reflective surface is the window. The reflected ray can focus on a particular area for an extended period of time, like a magnifying glass, although not as intense. Little by little there is wear and tear going on with your perfect lawn. As days pass by, artificial turf melting will be your number one problem.

The Main Enemy of Artificial Turf is the Sunlight

One way to prevent this from happening is to plant trees - tall trees that will block the reflected sunlight. But it means you have to wait for a couple of months or years for it to grow. Another more convenient way is to prevent the windows from being reflective. How? This is possible by using window films. Using clear perforated window film is the most effective way to avoid the phenomenon known as artificial turf melting.

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