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Knowing the Villain Behind Artificial Turf Melting

Synthetic grass has always been the more practical option over tending and maintaining traditional, natural grass. Artificial turf melting may be the only major problem with utilizing this option. The cost of growing natural grass for one’s yard may be cheaper than artificial turf price per square foot, but maintaining a yard with the artificial option is cheaper in the long run.

The Advantages of Having Synthetic Turf

The perks of having fake grass for yard is that you don’t have to worry about its condition during the changing of the seasons. The color and height of the grass remains consistent throughout the year. And one does not need to worry about children and pets either. With artificial green grass, you can let your children and pets play in the yard without worrying about damaging or affecting the growth of the grass.

Artificial grass saves you the trouble of making sure the yard is properly maintained on a regular basis. In fact, the only apparent problems that one would encounter in having synthetic grass on their lawn or garden would be to know how to lay fake grass and the maintenance required in preventing artificial turf melting.

The Real Villain Behind the Melting of Fake Grass

Common sense would tell us that the sun is the primary cause of melting on artificial turf. But, artificial grass is actually made to endure more than natural grass, so what is really causing this durable material to melt?

The simple answer is that it is caused by window panes. When the sun’s rays are reflected off of your windows in the direction of the lawn, it results in additional heat energy exposure to the material that makes up the synthetic grass. It’s like the artificial turf is receiving twice the sunlight.

Glare coming from windows causes materials to melt, and it has always been a major problem. In fact, when a secondary surface reflects the sunlight’s ultraviolet rays to another surface, it is able to cause thick plastics to start melting.

The Hero Against Harmful Window Glare

Thankfully, there is a solution. Clear Perforated Window Film is proven to protect artificial turf from the harmful glare from windows. It prevents sunlight from being reflected off of the windows while allowing maximum visibility and natural light to enter the house. It is a must-have if you have natural or synthetic artificial grass on your lawn. If you’re still thinking about buying fake grass, then this type of window film should be included in your shopping list to prevent artificial turf melting.

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