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Learn How to Stop Window Reflection in Less Than 5 Minutes

Window reflection causes many problems. It affects not only your vision but also your furniture sets. However, did you know that the glare from a window burns grass too?

How Is the Glare from a Window Burning Your Grass?

Sun exposure can wilt your lawn, but it’s not enough to burn the field. This only happens when the sunlight reaches the window pane of an energy-efficient window. These windows use a special coating that reflects heat away from your home. Because heat cannot penetrate your home, it has to go somewhere else. In this case, it can choose your lawn.

Before the sunbeam reaches your grass, the Low-E glass window intensifies the heat, which causes the grass to reach their melting or burning point. As a result, it creates brown patches on the field.

Can You Stop This Turf Damage?

As we often say, there’s no problem that we can’t solve. There are many ways to prevent the window reflection from burning the grass.  You just need to learn how to stop window reflection.

Different Ways to Stop Window Glare

There are several methods on how to stop window reflection. The good thing about these strategies is that you can do it yourself. Furthermore, they don’t take an entire day to finish these tactics, but it still depends on how big the field is.

Listed below are simple ways on how to stop window reflection.

  1. Set up a Canopy in Your Garden

One way to prevent the sun reflecting off your windows is to install a canopy in your yard. This strategy will not only prevent your lawn from heating up. It will also protect your children from getting sunburn. You just need to identify the areas that get the most heat and set it up there.

  1. Water the Grass Field

This solution not only keeps the turf hydrated, but it can also stop the glass reflection from burning your grass. It cools down the temperature and keeps your lawn alive throughout the dry season. However, you need to do this before sunrise. Water droplets can also magnify the sunlight, which can cause severe damage to the grass.

  1. Use a Perforated Window Screen

It’s the easiest and most efficient way to solve this problem. This film has anti-reflective properties that deflect the light off and reduce heat.

However, to get these advantages, you need to choose the Turf Guard Window Film. This is the best solution on how to stop window reflection and is the best strategy to halt turf damage.

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