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Maintaining Your Lawn: Artificial Turf Precautions

Artificial turf is made of synthetic fibers that resemble the appearance and feel of a natural grass. Nowadays, artificial turf is not limited only to sports and field; it is now used for residential application as well. Its installation is very expensive and is considered a long-term investment that requires continuous care and maintenance.

Taking Care of Artificial Turf

You do not want to spend a lot of money for artificial grass and realize that it will be a waste. Artificial turf precautions are necessary to get the best use of artificial grass. This also helps extend the life of your artificial turf.

You can take good care of your artificial turf by using:

  • A garden hose to clean spills and small debris.
  • Water and mild soap to remove stain and residue.
  • Leaf blowers to remove large debris.

Artificial turf is not capable of cooling like natural grass.Thus, you must safeguard it from reaching its melting point to avoid turf burn. Artificial turf melting point is 175-200 Degree Fahrenheit that is higher compared to the temperature of natural lawn which is 75-95 Degree Fahrenheit.

The following are artificial turf precautions on how to prevent turf burn: 

  • Observe reflective surfaces. Your top priority for artificial turf precaution is to survey the property for any reflective surfaces and glare from windows and mirrors that may cause problem in the future. After assessing the area you can now make adjustments in placing the lawn.
  • Keep away heat-attracting objects. One way of preventing turf burn during hot days is to avoid leaving plastic toys, metal objects or anything that will absorb heat. This might caused shrinkage in localized area of your lawn.
  • Hydrate the lawn. Avoid sun’s reflections and glare on windows by watering your property. Keep your lawn hydrated depending on the type you are using. This is done to avoid reaching the turf’s melting point.
  • Take advantage of the shade. Trees help in covering your lawn and reducing its temperature. This might take years to decades to develop but is worthwhile.
  • Use protective film. If artificial grass in already in place, cover your windows with protective film. This will help in minimizing glare from your windows. Others have said that this is the best solution to melting turf, as it is convenient to install and it has a long-lasting effect.

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Proper artificial turf maintenance will help you determine how long does turf last. Taking artificial turf precautions is an essential part of lawn maintenance.Getting the best of what you spent is not the only important thing, but you should also consider whether it adds value to your property as well.

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