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Melted Artificial Grass: The Most Common Turf Damage

People are now switching to synthetic turf for a couple of reasons. For one, it enhances the overall look of your yard. You no longer need to preserve its beauty if you want to have a healthy-looking lawn all year. Secondly, it does not need too much water. The only time you need to hydrate the grass carpet is when you need to clean the area.

However, some homeowners are dealing with melted artificial grass. This problem occurs when the synthetic lawn can no longer take the heat.

Reasons Why Your Artificial Turf Is Melting

There are a couple of reasons why melted artificial grass happens. One reason could be the direct sunlight. If our skin gets burnt due to prolonged sun exposure, so does the plastic grass. Too much sun exposure can cause the temperature to rise. As a result, the grass blades can disintegrate.

The second reason is the direct application of heat. Cooking outdoors is fun. Aside from that, you do not need to worry about the smell lingering inside your home. However, this could endanger your artificial grass. Sparks from the grill could fly and fall onto the lawn, causing your synthetic field to melt.

Nonetheless, the primary reason to this problem is the window reflection. When the sun’s rays hit the Low-E glass window, it intensifies and magnifies the light beam and directs it onto your lawn. While the melting point of artificial turf is high, it does not mean it will not disintegrate. In fact, the temperature of the reflected heat can be as high as the melting temperature of synthetic grass. Therefore, if the light beam reaches or exceeds that limit, chances are, the fake lawn will melt.

How to Stop Window Reflection

There are several ways to prevent melted artificial grass in your garden. One of the things that you can do is to change the infill of your turf. Infills come in a variety of colors. The darker the shade, the more heat it absorbs. If the infill of your artificial grass is dark, then you should replace it with the lighter ones.

However, this technique will not guarantee that it will stop the turf from melting out.  Rather, it will only reduce the risk.

Hence, if you want to prevent your synthetic turf from melting, then you should use Turf Guard Window Film. It has anti-reflective properties that deflect off the light and distribute heat evenly.

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