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Melted Vinyl Siding: Avoid Siding Repair with Proper Grill Safety

The gas grill produces enough heat that can cause warped or melted vinyl siding. Once your wall reaches the vinyl melting point, you may experience discoloration in your cladding, or you may need to replace your old wall, which can be costly.

Fortunately, you can avoid melted siding repair. You just need to do the following tips to keep your exterior wall in good condition:

1. Move the grill away from the sides of your house before cooking.

You should move your grill at least 10 feet away from your home. As mentioned earlier, cooking utensils like your gas grill emit heat, causing a melting vinyl. To avoid this from happening, you need to move your gas grill so you can enjoy cooking your favorite food and avoid having a melted vinyl siding.

2. Place your appliance on the edge of your patio or deck.

After cooking, you need to roll the grill to the edge of your patio. This way, it will keep the appliance cool. Thus, it prevents vinyl distortion.

3. Create a heat shield to protect your siding during the rainy season.

Every rainy season, we barely cook outside of our house. However, the grill stays close to your cladding. Therefore, if the sun shines on your gas grill after the rain, it can still generate heat, which may cause melted vinyl siding. Thus, you need to create a heat shield that will protect your vinyl wall from heating up during this period.

To do this, you must set a 5x5 piece of the metal sheet over your fire-resistant drywall. Use a driller and create holes on four sides of the metal sheet and drywall. You can use the screws to attach the metal sheet to the drywall. Remove the grill away from the siding and insert the heat shield between your wall and the gas grill. Hold the shield upright and let the heat shield and the gas grill cool before moving.

    4. Apply a perforated window screen to the glass window.

      We usually use window screens to reduce window reflection, but we can also use them to prolong the vinyl siding lifespan. Perforated window screens have holes that look like a bug screen. This feature diffuses heat evenly. Hence, it prevents having a melted vinyl siding.

      However, you can only enjoy this feature if you choose Turf Guard Window Film. Go to our website and learn more about how our products can avoid having a melted vinyl siding.

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