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Most Recommended and Inexpensive Vinyl Melting Solutions to Try

Vinyl melting solutions are commonly discussed on the web since many homeowners are struggling to keep their siding from distortion. According to research, properties that are close to one another are more prone to vinyl distortion.

This may be due to a higher exposure to window glare. For instance, if a certain side of your home is not distant from where your neighbor’s windows are installed, you may likely put your vinyl siding at risk. Melting vinyl is indeed a problem since it will cost a lot to replace the entire material.

To provide you suggestions on addressing thermal distortion, you may consider the given solutions below:

Change Your Low-E Windows. Changing your windows to reduce glare sounds costly, but it will actually save a lot of money in the future. It is true that low-E windows are designed to sustain your home’s coolness. However, it can reflect a more potent solar heat, as the objects that are reached by the sunlight will be higher in temperature.

Many experts consider opting for a different type of window glass, which will not function the same way as low-E windows do. One of the vinyl melting solutions you can try today is any double paned window. It will have a lower reflectivity quotient that will not worsen the reflected light or vinyl warping.

Create a Shade for Your Windows. This is one of the vinyl melting solutions that may take time, but it is worth the try. You simply have to plant either bushes or trees in front of your windows where the reflected sunlight comes from.

Among your top choices are tulips, oak, and maple trees. Changing your landscape may also help in making your environment fresher. Simply take note that if you select big trees, it may take years before these could be big enough for your home.

Install a Window Film. If you cannot change your low-E windows or you do not have time to wait for your trees to grow, you should consider this solution instead. It will ensure that sunlight will be extensively reduced without compromising the coolness of your interior.

The window film is very easy and quick to install. You simply have to find the critical areas where it should be placed. Did you know that it is also a cheap solution? You can even save money on air-conditioning with this material.

Out of all the mentioned solutions above, the window film is the best option for you. It can work as a substitute for other vinyl melting solutions while giving you no issue with budget or time management.

Do not worry anymore since Siding Guard Window Film is available to help you with your vinyl siding protection. Check it out now to start preventing window reflection damages in your property.

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