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Past, Present-day, and Future of Artificial Grass

In the 1950’s, the industry for artificial grass started as a way to improve youth’s physical fitness. Various dedicated companies started testing artificial grass from around 1962 to 1966. They tested it for water drainage, water resistance, flammability, and durability levels including foot traffic as well.


History states that during 1965, because of the unlikely weather condition that causes natural turf to be unplayable, Houston’s Astrodome dealt with a predicament and desperately needed a solution. They decided to consult a synthetic grass company about faux grass.

It was a baseball game in 1966 that used “Chemgrass”, which was later renamed to “Astroturf”. This was the 1st baseball season that the Houston Astros played on a field with artificial lawn. The artificial grass was curled tightly with nylon fibers combined with a foam backing.

Artificial grass’ popularity continued to grow in the 70’s. A lot of arenas in Canada and the United States started to adopt this as well. At this time, the fake grass followed the carpet model “shag” type. They used polypropylene materials which are so soft for longer yarns. This was considered a giant leap from the 1st generation of turf.


Around the mid 90’s, the 3rd generation came to life and used an even softer material of polyethylene. This application still continues up to date. Synthetic grass is now made with different colors and different lengths of fibers. Combining these together created an ideal product that was almost similar to real grass. It looked so alike that most couldn’t tell whether it was fake or real unless you tell them. Artificial lawns today are the 3rd generation which performs better, looks natural, and feels real.

Future Ideas or Application

  • Interior decoration – this has been tried and tested before. Moreover, there is a high chance that it could be regular and normal for the upcoming years. The environment would be lively with the floors or walls if you like. You just have to use your creative mind for interior design
  • Sports – probably all stadiums and arena would be using it because they will all benefit from it. Durability and resilient, soft and light to the skin, easily maintained, enhances safety for athletes and doesn’t acquire mud, this technology is awesome. If you are an athlete or you simply own a stadium, you’ll surely love it.
  • Accessories – yes accessories, not for the body, but for things. You can take cars as an example. You might see a car covered with artificial grass passing around town.  It can also be used for houses as well. They say the color green relaxes your eyes, which mean your eyes will be very healthy and relaxed.

The artificial grass certainly has a lot to offer and more exciting innovations in the future.

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