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Practical Ways to Protect Furniture from Sun Damage

A good homeowner should be equipped with the practical ways of protecting furniture from sun damage. With the immense strength of the sun’s heat, it can result to irreversible damages to your home and furniture.

Your furniture can be affected by the sun’s heat; however, there are ways to prolong the quality of these furnishing investments.

1. Move your furniture.

This is the most basic way to prevent sun damage to your furniture. For those who have a flexible floor plan, you will find this trick very easy to perform. As for those whose floor plan does not allow periodic movements of their furniture, it would be advisable to simply change the furniture’s angles.

By moving your furniture, you allow the furniture’s exposure to the sun to even out and thus, lengthening the furniture’s life. If placing furniture in front of windows is unavoidable, it’s fine as long as it does not stay in that position for about a year.

2. Place curtains strategically.

How your furniture is exposed is an important thing to consider. While moving your furniture is not the easiest way to block sunlight, strategically placing curtains can. This practice can greatly diminish the effect of sunlight on your furniture.

3. Use sealant for wood furniture.

During the normal production of furniture, manufacturers often use UV coatings. Acquiring UV furniture is an excellent practice in protecting your home and everything inside it from sun damage.

There are many types of sealant choices that can help you bring back the quality of your furniture once it has been exposed to the sun. Varnish, lacquer, polyurethane, shellac, and other oil finishes are some of the sealant choices you can avail.

4. Use leather conditioner.

Keep in mind that leather and sun do not mix well together. An exposed leather piece can fade and dry quickly if exposed to the sun. In order to protect leather furniture from sun damage, it is important to consider the use of leather conditioner.

5. Acquire window film.

Window films are considered as filters for UV light so that the heat from the mirror reflection of your neighbor’s windows will not harm your furniture. It also allows less heat to reach your furniture through the window.

Window tinting is a term used to describe the reinforcement of a window to protect your furniture from UV rays. The Turf Guard Window Film can help you break the heat path and thus, protect your furniture from sun damage.

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